What do we eat and drink for a race

If you’re like most runners, you’ve spent the last few months training for the BIG race on 22nd July 2017. And as your 10K, half-marathon, or full marathon gets closer and closer, you’re probably taking extra care with what you eat and drink.

Maybe you’re reading lots of online info on loading up on carbs, drinking lots of water (or not as case may be), ordering extra servings of broccoli and beans. But are you doing the right thing?

We have been getting asked this by our Club members on our Thursday night runs and Saturday Social Runs for the past few weeks. So we’ve asked our regular and experienced Club Members for their advice on what they have worked out works for them, especially focused on what you can actually do in Fiji.

As Phil-J has stated “Remember there are people out there who won’t bother with gels, who will finish a marathon with zero training, and those who will crash and burn taking even the most conservative advice and precautions. Just get out there and figure out how your body works under similar conditions.”

We asked everyone for a few pointers in regards to:

  • On the week leading up: “To carb load, or not to carb load“, that is the question… Also about on the night before…
  • On the morning of the event: What to eat and when on the actual morning of the race
  • Just before you start: what do you do when pinning on your race number …
  • During the event: the main point of the question, what do you do while running on the day
  • After the event: don’t forget this bit, recovery can be a disaster without thinking about it

Anyway, over next few weeks we’ll see what secrets this small group of runners have to make your race a success, fun and hopefully hit some PR’s.

Suva Marathon Club member – Phil J

Our first Club runner willing to spill the beans about their secret diet is Phil J.

Phil has run four marathons and one at the end of an ironman. His times range from 6 hours to 3:13. He hopes to complete the Suva marathon in July.

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