Vodafone Fiji Supports Island Chill Suva Marathon 2017

Vodafone Fiji has partnered with Suva Marathon Club to boost the 2017 Island Chill Suva Marathon set for July
22 at Albert Park in Suva.

Speaking to SUNsports yesterday, club president Sandeep Narayan said they are appreciative of the continuous

“Suva Marathon Club consists of runners or a group of people that came together since 2014 to create this event
that provides people of Suva with an opportunity to participate in a marathon,” he said.

“Since 2014, we have increased the registration number from 250 to 1000 last year and as the participants grow
we managed to have more sponsors on board.

“As far as sponsorship goes we’re happy to have Vodafone on board. With their mileage and branding will enable us to reach to a wide number of people and we’ve been able to generate a quiet impressing amount of
registration. It is also good to see that some corporate teams have shown keen interest to participate in the
marathon and support us reduce NCDs. Vodafone has signed-up for the Suva Marathon and they’ve promised to
send volunteers for the event as well.”

Vodafone Fiji representative William Tabuya was grateful for the opportunity to be associated with the event as
they aim to promote healthy living.

“We had been involved with the event since its inception in 2014 and it’s when the first Suva Marathon race took
place and Vodafone was the only corporate that was associated with it.

“We support this event because we want to uplift one of the values of the company that is promoting healthy
living. We’re always striving to ensure that our staff lead the way into healthy living. Vodafone also likes to
share in terms of telecom market so in the sense to show an example to other corporates that it is always good
to be involved with this kind of sporting activities.

“Also, a team of about 20 participants are taking part and we will be deciding who will go for the men and women event separately. We will be allocating giveaways for the participants namely; prize money, free recharge, phones and also selfie booth for participants.”

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