Two Workouts For Runners

Two Workouts For Runners from FitBit

It’s marathon season and runners across the country are tightening their laces as well as their training schedules. Running 26.2 miles is such an accomplishment! We know it takes strength, hard work and dedication to get across the finish line.

Everyone knows long distance runners can struggle with bent backs and tight hips and knees from those repetitive running motions.

The following sessions were developed to tackle those hurdles and help you strengthen stabilizer muscles while improving your balance and posture.


Two Workouts For Runners from FitBit

In Fitstar Personal Trainer, check out Race Day Ready, where we’re targeting foundational lower-body movements, working on the upper body a bit, and, of course, tackling some core work.

Exercises like reverse shoulder rolls open your shoulders and upper back, while side lunge knee raises and squat walks add variety for full motion development. We’ve added in bicycle kicks and mountain climber twists, too, to recruit your abs and obliques.

We can’t leave your core out of the fun, can we? Since runners already get lots of cardio we’re changing it up; get your heart pumping with shadow boxing, star crawls, and star skaters.

When you’re taking a day off from a long distance run but want to be active, check out Race Day Ready for a great 24-minute cross-training Freestyle workout.

Over in Fitstar Yoga we’re getting nice and loose – opening up hips, hamstrings, quads, and shoulders with Flexible Finish. We love to get a solid hip and quad stretch with lizard and reclining big toe will really open up those hammies.

Tight shoulders? Not for long. In this 40-minute workout, you’ll see lots of archer and eagle arms paired with yoga favorites to get your back muscles feeling good.

We had to include wild thing in this session, too, because after running 26.2 miles (plus all the dedication it took to train), you’re allowed a moment to let loose!

We’re delighted to bring you workouts specifically designed for runners, and are happy to be a part of your training for any race. We’re rooting for you!

Keep Moving,

Team Fitstar

Two Workouts For Runners

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