Time Trial - 5km 7km - June 2016

Thursday Time Trial Results – 16 June

We had 12 runners starting at varying times at this week’s Thursday Time Trial (16th June 2016), starting in the evening light and once again ending completely in the dark… Everyone getting sub-30min times 🙂 in 5km!

A small group of us at the Suva Marathon Club was there at the Suva Bowling Club to do a 5km and 7km run.

Route was along the seawall same as always along the Suva seawall boardwalk!

We would have loved to have had you join us, come along next week!

Time Trial - 5km 7km - June 2016

#NameDistanceTimepace min/km
1Jeremiah S517:3803:32
2Brian H523:5704:47
3Matt C524:1504:51
6Kris P527:4805:34
8Babu S748:1406:53

Time Trial June 16 2016

Join us on Facebook Events SMC Time Trial – 5 K & 7 K – 23rd June 2016

Due to the winter nights drawing in, we are having an earlier start for those who can make it. If you are planning on 7km please aim for the 5.15pm start.

  • First SMC TT starting at 5:15 pm
    SMC 7k TT Bowling Club to My Suva Park and return
  • Second SMC TT starting at 5:30 pm
    SMC 5k TT Bowling Club to Vuya Rd and return

 Time Trial - 5km 7km - 23 June 2016


See you on the seawall!

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