Thursday Time Trial – 14 April 2016

Thursday Time Trial Results – 14 April 2016

We had a good turn out at this week’s Thursday Time Trial (14 April 2016) in the rain, and everyone put in a good time.

A small but strong group of us at the Suva Marathon Club was there at the Suva Bowling Club to do a 5km and 7km run.

Route was a 5km and 7km on the seawall same as always!

We would have loved to have had you join us, come along next week!

#NameDistanceTimepace min/km10 km21.1 km42.2 km
2Meabh Long734:0204:520:50:361:51:203:54:52
3Matt Capper525:3005:060:53:041:56:454:06:18
4Jon Orton1053:4805:230:53:481:58:224:09:41
5Carl Cameron527:1305:270:56:392:04:374:22:52
6Tess Martin527:2305:290:56:592:05:034:24:29
7Kevin McCarthy527:2905:300:57:122:05:504:25:27
8Lillian Mary532:4806:341:08:162:30:115:16:48
9Kris Prasad532:4806:341:08:162:30:115:16:48


  • The race time predictions are estimates of what a runner might achieve, if they train appropriately for the distance.
  • It does not mean, for example, that if you train for a 5km and achieve a good time, then you will automatically achieve the corresponding time at the marathon distance.
  • It shows what you could achieve at that distance, if you train properly, given what you have achieved at another distance.
  • Source:

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