Suva Marathon now a IAAF-AIMS Certified Course

Our Suva Marathon course is now now a IAAF-AIMS Certified Course and listed as a qualifying race for Olympic Games, World Championships and the Boston Marathon.

How do you know when you have just run a marathon?

Chances are, because the race organisers have told you so. But who told them? That’s the job of the course measurer, rare species of official seen mainly in the dead of night, mounted on a bicycle. On a bike, because that’s the easiest way for them to cover the ground; at night, because it’s a lot easier to do so when fewer cars are around to flatten them.

IAAF-AIMS Certified Course


Qualifying performances for World Championships & Olympic Games

The IAAF has strict measurement criteria for courses that can be used for qualifying performances for World Championships and Olympic Games. Courses must be measured by an accredited IAAF-AIMS Grade A or B measurer and the elevation change must be less than 1m/km. Courses with a separation greater than 50 per cent are eligible for qualification purposes.



London2017 qualifying marathon

This race is now a London2017 qualifying marathon!

However with the timing as it is, it takes place the day before the closing of the qualification window!

We somehow don’t think we’ll have anyone qualifying for the World Championships in London on 6 August with qualifying times  2.19 for men and 2.45 for women – and if anyone did qualify, they then would have to be selected to represent their country, then run another marathon two weeks later…


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