Mallam looks to improve timing at Suva Challenge

Running helps Noeline live healthy

Running makes Noeline Mallam happy and with the Island Chill Suva Marathon social run today, she hopes to spread the gospel of living a healthy lifestyle.

Mallam, who is a professional runner, said running made her change her lifestyle as she quit smoking and drinking.

Mallam looks to improve timing at Suva Challenge
Noeline Mallam

“I was a very heavy smoker in the past years and running has made me cut down on that and it changed my whole eating and drinking habit too,” Mallam said.

“It also reduces health problems, as I feel my body is refreshed all the time.

“I’ve stopped taking sugar, salt and also junk foods and I don’t mind going vegetarian but what is important that I keep my body healthy.”

She will be running again in this year’s marathon on the 21st of July. For her it has always been a personal achievement running for a good cause.

“Though I wasn’t able to train and diet as supposed to on schedule, I tried in some way or the other,” she said.

Participating each year is an amazing feeling, knowing you want to push yourself and motivating others as well.

For those that want to be part of the Suva Marathon, it would be one of the decisions you will never regret, it is fun and will make you feel better for being part of something big.

Originally posted in The Fiji Times :
Paulini Ratulailai
Thursday, February 08, 2018


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