Thursday 16 Aug 2018

Results – Thursday Social 5k Run – 16 August 2018

Seems we are all slacking off 🙁 Only 3 of us this week, come on gang! Well done to u 3 who managed to KEEP running  at our weekly Thursday Social 5k Run, thanks for embarrassing us all and getting out there 🙂

Route was along the seawall same as always along the Suva seawall boardwalk to the 2500m mark and back!

Thursday 16 Aug 2018
Thursday 16 Aug 2018

Results from Thursday Social 3k & 10k Run – 16 August 2018

NameDistanceTimePace min/km
Noelene316 minutes, 39 seconds5 minutes, 33 seconds
Raj1035 minutes, 12 seconds3 minutes, 31 seconds
Navneet1045 minutes, 31 seconds4 minutes, 33 seconds

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See you on the seawall on Thursday!!


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