Results from Saturday Social 10k Run – 4th March 2016

A fantastic turn out for this morning’s Saturday Social 10k Run ! Our biggest turn out yet in fact, as people start to train up for the Munro Leys Suva Challenge 2017.

Great to be up, exercised and having a coffee at Ginger by 9am. 🙂

Ready to enjoy the weekend.

Social Fun 10k Run - 4 Feb 2017

An enthusiastic group of 33 of us from the Suva Marathon Club was there at the Suva Bowling Club to do a 5km and 10km run. Even had a couple of pooches join us for the run 🙂

Route was along the seawall same as always along the Suva seawall boardwalk all the way out to the Maritime School and back!

10km Results from Saturday Time Trial Run – 4th March 2017

Bib #NameDistanceTimepace min/km
456Helena S50:39:370:07:55
457Nigel D50:32:110:06:26
458Steven P50:26:410:05:20
459Gina H-L50:32:440:06:33
462Seiji M50:26:440:05:21
470Laura H50:25:190:05:04
471Kate P50:29:520:05:58
472Margo S50:29:270:05:53
473Monika F50:35:520:07:10
474Nico F50:23:410:04:44
476Jackie H50:31:060:06:13
477Carl N-C50:29:430:05:57
478Siobhan S50:39:240:07:53
479Lucy H50:39:370:07:55
480Nicola V-S50:31:510:06:22
481Gomez J Menez50:29:090:05:50
494Vishwa S50:34:480:06:58
495Marita M50:27:530:05:35
496Peter S50:39:240:07:53

Social Fun 10k Run - 4 Feb 2017

5km Results from Saturday Time Trial Run – 4th March  2017

#NameDistanceTimepace min/km

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SMC Thursday Fun 5k & 7 K – 9th March 2017

If you are planning on 7km please aim for the 5.15pm start!

  • First SMC TT starting at 5:15 pm
    SMC 7k TT Bowling Club to My Suva Park and return
  • Second SMC TT starting at 5:30 pm
    SMC 5k TT Bowling Club to Vuya Rd and return


See you on the seawall on Thursday!!

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