Results from Thursday Social Fun Run 3k/5k/7k – 6 July 2017

A good turnout for our Thursday Social Fun Run with only 2 weeks to go until the BIG EVENT everyone is getting very excited!

A lovely evening with a great crowd running tonight and we are already noticing it lightening up at 6pm!   But make sure you’re a little early and ready to start at 5:15pm next week to get back before it’s dark…

See you at 5.15pm next week!


Results from Thursday Thursday Fun Run 5k/3k – 6 July 2017

NameDistanceTimePace min/km
Avikash731 minutes, 11 seconds4 minutes, 27 seconds
Nishu528 minutes, 15 seconds5 minutes, 39 seconds
Lisa528 minutes, 41 seconds5 minutes, 44 seconds
Katie528 minutes, 41 seconds5 minutes, 44 seconds
Katie322 minutes, 53 seconds7 minutes, 37 seconds
Rohini534 minutes, 58 seconds6 minutes, 59 seconds
Kevin741 minutes, 27 seconds5 minutes, 55 seconds
James534 minutes, 41 seconds6 minutes, 56 seconds
Jim534 minutes, 59 seconds6 minutes, 59 seconds
Fletch736 minutes, 34 seconds5 minutes, 13 seconds
Phil736 minutes, 34 seconds4 minutes, 46 seconds
Siobhan533 minutes, 27 seconds6 minutes, 41 seconds
Sabhana543 minutes, 32 seconds8 minutes, 42 seconds
Epeli334 minutes, 22 seconds11 minutes, 27 seconds
Siti738 minutes, 16 seconds5 minutes, 28 seconds
Kris523 minutes, 33 seconds4 minutes, 42 seconds
Bridget737 minutes, 24 seconds5 minutes, 20 seconds
Paul526 minutes, 21 seconds5 minutes, 16 seconds
Rajeshwar727 minutes, 40 seconds3 minutes, 57 seconds
Marita529 minutes, 32 seconds5 minutes, 54 seconds
Stuart524 minutes, 10 seconds4 minutes, 50 seconds

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Join us for our FUN-5k! Come down to walk or run 3km or 5km or 7km. Beginner’s and regulars welcome.

Some beautiful sunsets to keep you distracted at the moment!

Thursday Thursday Fun 5k – 13th July 2017


See you on the seawall again next week!

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