SMC Thursday Afternoon Run #suvamarathonclub #readyforachallenge

Results from Thursday Social Fun Run 3k/4k/5k – 21 September 2017

Another lovely friendly group of runners out running on our weekly Thursday Social Fun Run – we welcomed back club regulars  and some new runners.

Lots of variations in distance everyone making ‘the call’ on how far they wanted to run, which we fully encourage!

As of next week we are moving our time back to the more popular start time of 5.30pm.

SMC Thursday Afternoon Run #suvamarathonclub #readyforachallenge

Results from Thursday Fun Run 3k/4k/5k – 14 Sept 2017

NameDistanceTimePace min/km
Kat321 minutes, 36 seconds7 minutes, 12 seconds
Disha322 minutes, 44 seconds7 minutes, 34 seconds
Sandeep322 minutes, 44 seconds7 minutes, 34 seconds
Brian524 minutes, 07 seconds4 minutes, 49 seconds
Stuart524 minutes, 09 seconds4 minutes, 49 seconds
Shiori526 minutes, 09 seconds5 minutes, 13 seconds
Susan427 minutes, 37 seconds6 minutes, 54 seconds
Kiyo527 minutes, 40 seconds5 minutes, 32 seconds
Ayami534 minutes, 15 seconds6 minutes, 51 seconds

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Join us for our FUN-5k! Come down to walk or run 3km or 5km or 7km, or ,as this week, as far as you want!

Beginner’s and regulars welcome. Start time 5.30pm.

Some beautiful sunsets to keep you distracted at the moment!


Thursday Fun 5k – 28 September 2017 on Facebook


See you on the seawall again next week at start time 5.30pm!

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