Results from Thursday Social 5k Run – 29th March 2018

Another great turn out of committed runners out in the hot summer sunshine for our weekly Thursday  Social 5k Run. Everyone starting gear up for the Munro Leys Suva Challenge on 28th April 2018 only a month away!

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Ready to enjoy the weekend.Route was along the seawall same as always along the Suva seawall boardwalk to the 2500m mark and back!

Results from Thursday Time Trial Run – 29 March 2018

NameDistanceTimePace min/km
Wame316 minutes, 05 seconds5 minutes, 21 seconds
Tima316 minutes, 34 seconds5 minutes, 31 seconds
Jazelle321 minutes, 08 seconds7 minutes, 02 seconds
Frances324 minutes, 11 seconds8 minutes, 03 seconds
Kris524 minutes, 31 seconds4 minutes, 54 seconds
Brad525 minutes, 02 seconds5 minutes, 00 seconds
Steven525 minutes, 28 seconds5 minutes, 05 seconds
Tina526 minutes, 58 seconds5 minutes, 23 seconds
Noeline742 minutes, 28 seconds6 minutes, 04 seconds

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SMC Thursday Fun 5k & 7k & 3k – 5 April 2018

If you are planning on joining us please aim for the 5.30pm start!

 See you on the seawall on Thursday!!




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