Results from Thursday Social 5k Run – 22nd February 2018

Another great turn out of committed runners out in the hot summer sunshine for our weekly Thursday  Social 5k Run

Ready to enjoy the weekend run! Route was along the seawall same as always along the Suva seawall boardwalk to the 2500m mark and back!


Results from Thursday Time Trial Run – 22nd February 2018

NameDistanceTimePace min/km
Noelene320 minutes, 07 seconds6 minutes, 42 seconds
Vishal316 minutes, 58 seconds5 minutes, 39 seconds
Litiana323 minutes, 47 seconds7 minutes, 55 seconds
Grace316 minutes, 59 seconds5 minutes, 39 seconds
Wame315 minutes, 10 seconds5 minutes, 03 seconds
Mereseini319 minutes, 30 seconds6 minutes, 30 seconds
Dave524 minutes, 51 seconds4 minutes, 58 seconds
Michael523 minutes, 33 seconds4 minutes, 42 seconds
Sefoi314 minutes, 25 seconds4 minutes, 48 seconds
Masomi523 minutes, 40 seconds4 minutes, 44 seconds
Josh522 minutes, 57 seconds4 minutes, 35 seconds
Teriki522 minutes, 59 seconds4 minutes, 35 seconds
Ilaisa525 minutes, 37 seconds5 minutes, 07 seconds
Greg524 minutes, 38 seconds4 minutes, 55 seconds
Josephine326 minutes, 37 seconds8 minutes, 52 seconds
Kat324 minutes, 20 seconds8 minutes, 06 seconds
Rajeshna519 minutes, 47 seconds3 minutes, 57 seconds

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Join us this weekend for a 5km or 10km run!

Saturday 3rd March 2018, 7am registration for a 7.15am start from the Suva Bowling Club!


 See you on the seawall on Thursday!!


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