Results from Saturday Social 10k Run – 7th October 2017

A great turn out of committed runners out in the spring sunshine for our monthly Saturday Social 10k Run 🙁 And a good post-run chat over coffee 🙂

Great to be up, exercised and having a coffee at Ginger by 9am. 🙂

Thanks Ginger Kitchen for always being welcoming to club runners no matter how sweaty!


Ready to enjoy the weekend.

An enthusiastic BIG group of 17 of us from the Suva Marathon Club was there at the Suva Bowling Club on a lovely sunny Saturday morning to do a 5km and 10km run.

Route was along the seawall same as always along the Suva seawall boardwalk all the way out to the Maritime School and back!

Results from Saturday Time Trial Run – 7th Ocober 2017

NameDistanceTimePace min/km
Jeremiah518 minutes, 27 seconds3 minutes, 41 seconds
Victor523 minutes, 18 seconds4 minutes, 39 seconds
Seiji525 minutes, 40 seconds5 minutes, 08 seconds
Sandeep322 minutes, 40 seconds7 minutes, 33 seconds
Disha322 minutes, 40 seconds7 minutes, 33 seconds
Vikash528 minutes, 24 seconds5 minutes, 40 seconds
Monta522 minutes, 51 seconds4 minutes, 34 seconds
Andy526 minutes, 51 seconds5 minutes, 22 seconds
Gina532 minutes, 54 seconds6 minutes, 34 seconds
Susan533 minutes, 09 seconds6 minutes, 37 seconds
Vishal533 minutes, 37 seconds6 minutes, 43 seconds
Raj1039 minutes, 35 seconds3 minutes, 57 seconds
Nitesh1042 minutes, 12 seconds4 minutes, 13 seconds
Kris1048 minutes, 41 seconds4 minutes, 52 seconds
Brian1053 minutes, 33 seconds5 minutes, 21 seconds
Kate1056 minutes, 22 seconds5 minutes, 38 seconds
Margo1056 minutes, 39 seconds5 minutes, 39 seconds


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SMC Thursday Fun 5k & 7k & 3k – 12th September 2017

If you are planning on joining us please aim for the 5.30pm start!

 See you on the seawall on Thursday!!


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