Results from Saturday Social 10k Run – 3rd March 2018

A fantastic turn out of runners out in the hot summer sunshine for our monthly Saturday Social 10k Run. Great to be up, exercised and having a coffee at Ginger by 9am. 🙂

Thanks Ginger Kitchen for always being welcoming to club runners no matter how sweaty!

Ready to enjoy the weekend.

An enthusiastic BIG group of 34 of us from the Suva Marathon Club was there at the Suva Bowling Club on a lovely sunny Saturday morning to do a 5km and 10km run.

We also had along some friends from Tonga, to raise funds for Cyclone Git65a support. We were joined by Sina, who is working with FMF on food distribution, and Chandra, working with women’s groups.

2018 Island Chill Suva Marathon vests and shirts were for sale and are going fast, so drop us a message if you want one 🙂 .

That’s a lot to fit in before breakfast!


Results from Saturday Time Trial Run – 3rd March 2018

NameRace #DistanceTimePace min/km
Jeremiah223519 minutes, 32 seconds3 minutes, 54 seconds
Kevin219526 minutes, 42 seconds5 minutes, 20 seconds
Young Joe249526 minutes, 42 seconds5 minutes, 20 seconds
Seiji206526 minutes, 48 seconds5 minutes, 21 seconds
Stuart258526 minutes, 50 seconds5 minutes, 22 seconds
Laura259527 minutes, 30 seconds5 minutes, 30 seconds
Steve255528 minutes, 06 seconds5 minutes, 37 seconds
CH Cheon228528 minutes, 37 seconds5 minutes, 43 seconds
Kier Ban232530 minutes, 36 seconds6 minutes, 07 seconds
Marita241530 minutes, 46 seconds6 minutes, 09 seconds
Noeline256530 minutes, 51 seconds6 minutes, 10 seconds
Tn208531 minutes, 29 seconds6 minutes, 17 seconds
Darren212531 minutes, 29 seconds6 minutes, 28 seconds
Raj229532 minutes, 23 seconds6 minutes, 28 seconds
Michael253532 minutes, 24 seconds6 minutes, 28 seconds
Oisawnka242532 minutes, 02 seconds6 minutes, 24 seconds
Shin216533 minutes, 00 seconds6 minutes, 36 seconds
Park-Dong250433 minutes, 55 seconds8 minutes, 28 seconds
Vishni233535 minutes, 11 seconds7 minutes, 02 seconds
Ameri245535 minutes, 16 seconds7 minutes, 03 seconds
Jake220536 minutes, 00 seconds7 minutes, 12 seconds
Kim215535 minutes, 37 seconds7 minutes, 07 seconds
Remal257539 minutes, 16 seconds7 minutes, 51 seconds
Gina252540 minutes, 05 seconds8 minutes, 01 seconds
Max251541 minutes, 11 seconds8 minutes, 14 seconds
Kinnl254545 minutes, 33 seconds9 minutes, 06 seconds
Sandeep260546 minutes, 14 seconds9 minutes, 14 seconds
Disha261546 minutes, 15 seconds9 minutes, 15 seconds
Raj1681039 minutes, 46 seconds3 minutes, 58 seconds
Lute1801048 minutes, 44 seconds4 minutes, 52 seconds
Beth1841050 minutes, 32 seconds5 minutes, 03 seconds
Kim1761051 minutes, 19 seconds5 minutes, 07 seconds
Umerelia1581056 minutes, 25 seconds5 minutes, 38 seconds
Matt1731057 minutes, 08 seconds5 minutes, 42 seconds
Nick1701057 minutes, 08 seconds5 minutes, 42 seconds
Kate1831062 minutes, 07 seconds6 minutes, 12 seconds
Jon1771064 minutes, 17 seconds6 minutes, 25 seconds
Siobhan1811064 minutes, 51 seconds6 minutes, 29 seconds

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