Results from Island Chill Saturday Social 10k Run – 7th April 2018

A huge turn out of runners out in the grey “dodging the clycone” weather, for our monthly Saturday Social 10k Run. Everyone starting to focus on the upcoming Munro Leys Suva Challenge on 21st April 2018, only 3 weeks away!

Great to be up, exercised and having a coffee at Ginger by 9am. 🙂 Thanks Ginger Kitchen for always being welcoming to club runners no matter how sweaty!

Great to see a large team from our main Island Chill Suva Marathon sponsor, Island Chill! Welcome on board guys 🙂 And thank you for all the prizes this week.

Ready to enjoy the weekend.


An enthusiastic BIG group of 34 of us from the Suva Marathon Club was there at the Suva Bowling Club on a lovely sunny Saturday morning to do a 5km and 10km run.

Results from Saturday Time Trial Run – 7th April 2018

Race #NameDistanceTimePace min/km
233Raj517 minutes, 59 seconds3 minutes, 35 seconds
245Jeremiah518 minutes, 56 seconds3 minutes, 47 seconds
264Victor521 minutes, 01 seconds4 minutes, 12 seconds
220Song Dong Lee525 minutes, 01 seconds5 minutes, 00 seconds
228Sharmila525 minutes, 35 seconds5 minutes, 07 seconds
260Kevin K526 minutes, 19 seconds5 minutes, 15 seconds
215Stuart527 minutes, 10 seconds5 minutes, 26 seconds
242CH Cheong527 minutes, 30 seconds5 minutes, 30 seconds
217Chiheon527 minutes, 47 seconds5 minutes, 33 seconds
255Steven528 minutes, 22 seconds5 minutes, 40 seconds
267Abby J528 minutes, 45 seconds5 minutes, 45 seconds
219Juna529 minutes, 44 seconds5 minutes, 56 seconds
251Shin529 minutes, 47 seconds5 minutes, 57 seconds
261Baek531 minutes, 32 seconds6 minutes, 18 seconds
265Young-Jae531 minutes, 41 seconds6 minutes, 20 seconds
212Jackie532 minutes, 00 seconds6 minutes, 24 seconds
252Sang Sikah532 minutes, 32 seconds6 minutes, 30 seconds
250Max534 minutes, 26 seconds6 minutes, 53 seconds
258Gina535 minutes, 48 seconds7 minutes, 09 seconds
263Koro T537 minutes, 33 seconds7 minutes, 30 seconds
216Raveen539 minutes, 15 seconds7 minutes, 51 seconds
262Mereoni547 minutes, 39 seconds9 minutes, 31 seconds
266Mere549 minutes, 50 seconds9 minutes, 58 seconds
1759Kennol1035 minutes, 29 seconds3 minutes, 32 seconds
1763Shalmaan1044 minutes, 17 seconds4 minutes, 25 seconds
1760Lute1049 minutes, 14 seconds4 minutes, 55 seconds
1765Kim A1052 minutes, 30 seconds5 minutes, 15 seconds
1761Mustak K1055 minutes, 03 seconds5 minutes, 30 seconds
1758NBronwyn1056 minutes, 04 seconds5 minutes, 36 seconds
1762Bridget1058 minutes, 51 seconds5 minutes, 53 seconds
1766Sarah1058 minutes, 52 seconds5 minutes, 53 seconds
1767Jon O1065 minutes, 47 seconds6 minutes, 34 seconds

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If you are planning on joining us please aim for the 5.30pm start!

 See you on the seawall on Thursday!!



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