Results: April 2020 SMC Virtual Monthly Challenge

Looks like we had some runners keen to escape lockdown start of this month 🙂

Here are pics of the two tables for this month’s April 2020 SMC Virtual Monthly Challenge.

Raj and Noeline fastest man/woman in both races.

Get Ready for May 2020 SMC Virtual Monthly Challenge

How to do this is simple, just go out and run our normal 5km and/or 10km route along the Nasese Seawall at anytime between today 1st May & next 7th May 2020.

Remember these routes are out and back from the Bowling Club!

Make sure you hit the 2500m mark at the bottom of Vuya Rd if you’re doing the 5k, and keep an eye out for the 5000m turnaround point for the 10k that we’ll graffiti on the ground as you approach the end of Queen Elizabeth Drive.

Synch your smartphone or GPS watch with your free Strava account and the time for that segment is auto-magically recorded in your account and on the Club Segment page.

SMC 10k

SMC 5k

SMC on Strava

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