RoC Market 19 June 2016

Pay your Registration Fee at ROC Market

We would like to request that you pay your registration fee for the race well before the actual day so as not to delay you at the start of the race, easiest place is at RoC Market days.

RoC Markets

We have a booth at the next 2 RoC Markets in Suva and this is a lovely Sunday outing where you can also pay your entry fee. Dates are :

  • Sunday 19th June 2016
  • Sunday 17th July 2016

Registration Ends on Friday 15th July 2016

And remember, you only have 4 more weeks to register for the 2016 Island Chill Suva Marathon!

Register now!

RoC Market 19 June 2016

Saturday Time Trials

You can also come along to our next Saturday Time Trials, where there will be a Registration table where you can pay your entry fees. Dates are:

  • Saturday 18th June 2016
  • Saturday 2nd July 2016

Follow our Facebook page for exact details of these runs.

The RoC Market

The RoC Market is a community event that happens on Loftus Street on the third Sunday of every month. The market is a street market space that provides a place for artisans, producers of cultural products and locally hand made goods. We also have space for interesting things that isn’t available in Suva.

The market is a community event that seeks to partner up with Corporate Houses and with other events for support and sponsorship.

The market is poised to be an incubation space for cultural producers of art and other local hand made products, to allow them to develop their products and find markets to grow their business. We through partnership hope to provide training for our vendors to grow into a small business.

Registration Fees

Full details of the registration fee amounts can be found here.



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