Oceania 10km and Marathon Championships 2017

Oceania 10km and Marathon Championships 2017 – Oceania Athletics Association

The Oceania Athletics Association will conduct the Oceania Area 10km and Marathon Championships at the Gold Coast, Australia on the 1st and 2nd July 2016.

Oceania Area 10km and Marathon Championships

The event will be hosted by the Gold Coast Events Corporation on behalf of the Oceania Athletics Association and will be run in conjunction with the Gold Coast Airport Marathon. The course is AIMS Certified and carries an IAAF Gold Road Race Label.

Any Club Members who are looking at opportunities for heading to the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast could use this event as an opportunity to prepare for the Commonwealth Games which will host a Marathon.

With less than a year out from the 2018 Commonwealth Games we should be identifying athletes who may be ready to run the Marathon in 2018.

Half marathon championships

Club Members should note the Half marathon championships will take place alongside the Pacific Mini Games, to be held in Port Vila, Vanuatu from December 11 until 14th. A quota will be available for member federations to send athletes to this event.


Suva Marathon Club is a member of Athletics Fiji which is an official Member Federation and therefore have access to the basic quota two athletes where the Member Federation (Athletics Fiji) conducts regular out of stadia events in the 10km and/or Marathon competition with verifiable results.

Suva Marathon Club’s  Island Chill Suva Marathon and Munro Leys Suva Challenge qualify as a recognized Club event under a Member Federation (Athletics Fiji)!

The representative shall be the winner of the Federation’s National 10 km OR Marathon Championship, or the next best available athlete from that National Half Marathon OR Marathon Championships.

If appropriate a Federation (Athletics Fiji)  may apply to have another athlete represent them should this ‘best’ athlete temporarily reside in another country or is unavailable to participate in that Federation’s National Marathon Championships.

Where the Marathon Championships is held after the Oceania Area Marathon Championships results from other Half Marathon and Marathon races can be taken in to account where verifiable results are available. Final selections will be endorsed by the OAA Council.


For athletes within the quota, 100% of an economy class airline ticket from their Member Federation (Athletics Fiji)  to the official airport in Brisbane or the Gold Coast will be paid by the OAA. All travel will be organized by the Oceania Athletics Association.


For athletes included in the quota, share accommodation at the Gold Coast will be offered by OAA for up to a maximum of three nights. A per diem for meals will be offered for a maximum of three days.

Ground Transport

For athletes included in the quota will have access to ground transport for the period of the Championships.

Associate Member Federations will be offered Accommodation and Ground Transport for the period of the Championships.

More information regarding the Half Marathon and Marathon is available at: http://www.goldcoastmarathon.com.au/

Dates for Entry

Final Entries Close: 19 May 2017

All entries must be accompanied by a copy of athlete’s passport and verifiable results, including: result, venue and where the result was achieved.

Any Suva Marathon Club Members who would like to apply, should contact the SMC Secretary Mrs Marita Manley on [email protected].

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