Its not on Strava

Suva Marathon Club now on Strava, join us!

For those that use Strava, check out the new Club Group.

If you don’t use it, have a look, it’s a good way to record your progress and can add a hint of competitiveness to an otherwise mundane training run using your smart phone or GPS watch

Its not on Strava

Join up to the Suva Marathon Club Strava Run club, log your daily run streak, track your progress and connect with others like you around the world who are aiming for the event.

StravaWhat you need and need to do in 6 easy steps:

  1. An iPhone, Android or dedicated GPS device – see list of devices here
  2. Simply join Strava here
  3. Join Suva Marathon Club run club (Explore > Clubs > Suva Marathon Club)
  4. Turn on your device and go for a run
  5. Sync your activity here and start your run streak.
  6. Repeat!

Why not challenge your friends to run the Suva Marathon and share your progress with them through Facebook and Twitter!

Happy running,

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