Saturday Morning Run - 14 May 2016

Half Marathon Training – 7 weeks to go

This week you should be hitting your first long 1 HOUR run which will need you to drink some water along the way for SURE🙂 with  weeks of Half Marathon Training to go 🙂

You should not be running this kind of time in our Suva Fiji heat without taking on water and/or sugar…

Monday: REST DAY

Tuesday: 40 mins easy run

Wednesday: REST DAY

Thursday: Do this when you run with us on the SMC Social Run! (check our Facebook page)

  • 5 min easy run
  • (2 min fast run – 2 min easy run/walk) x 6
  • 5 min easy run

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: 60 mins easy run (yes here is where we start to stretch out the running TIME)

Sunday: REST DAY

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