Half Marathon Training – 4 weeks to go

Half Marathon Training – 4 weeks to go

This week you stretch to your LONGEST run before running the real race on 22nd July 2017 with a 1hr 45mins easy running on Saturday! Start early morning after some breakfast, and feel free to take regular walk break if you need to, just “keep on swimming, er moving !

Monday: REST DAY

Tuesday: 45 mins easy run

Wednesday: REST DAY

Thursday: Do this when you run with us on the SMC Social Run, you WILL need to start at 5pm though to get finished before dark! (check our Facebook page)

  • 10 mins easy run
  • (3 min steady run 1 min fast run 2 min easy run) x 4
  • 10 mins easy run

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: 1 hour 45 mins easy running (take regular walk break if you need to)

Sunday: REST DAY

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Remember you should not be running this kind of time in our Suva Fiji heat without taking on water and/or sugar along the way… Get your body used drinking and eating before, during and after a run.

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