Half Marathon Training – 10 weeks to go

Aha! As someone pointed out last week at the weekly Social Run, we have mis-counted the “weeks to go” (how come only 1 person noticed… LOL 😀  So we have renumbered our week, and we actually have a couple more in our pockets to get started.

So all you late starter who thought you were too late, FAR FROM IT, start this week!

And so, into your next week of training with 10 weeks to go 🙂 Once again it doesn’t have to eat up you whole week or free time 🙂

Monday: REST DAY

Tuesday: 30 mins easy run

Wednesday: REST DAY

Thursday: Do this when you run with us on the SMC Social Run! (check our Facebook page)

5 min easy run
(4 min fast run – 3 min easy run/walk) x 4
5 min easy run

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: 40 mins easy run

Sunday: REST DAY

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