2024 Munro Leys Suva Marathon

Get ready for an exciting and competitive Munro Leys Suva Marathon 2024

Get ready for an exciting and competitive Munro Leys Suva Marathon 2024, featuring a lineup of exceptional athletes who are sure to make this year’s race unforgettable.

Leading the pack is Yeshneil Karan, the current 5km national record holder, known for his speed and endurance. Karan’s impressive record and relentless determination make him a formidable contender in this marathon.

Joining him is Tim Vincent, the 2024 Brisbane Marathon winner. Vincent’s recent victory in Brisbane has solidified his reputation as a top-tier marathon runner. His strategic prowess and proven track record in long-distance events will undoubtedly make him one to watch.

Yeshneil Karan & Tim Vincent

We also have Anna Cowley, a veteran of the Suva Marathon who has participated in every race since its inception in 2014. Cowley’s consistent presence and dedication to this event highlight her remarkable endurance and commitment to the sport

suvamarathonCongrats to Anna Cowley who won the women’s half marathon event during the Munro Leys Suva Challenge 2017 #suvachallenge #suvamarathonclub
Anna Cowley

Also competing is Pramesh Prasad, who at 50 years old is a standout in the masters division for the Oceania Championships. Having represented Australia since the age of 15 and currently holding 4 gold medals in the current Oceania Championships, Prasad is looking to add another this Saturday. Notably, he currently holds the most Fijian national track records.

Adding to the excitement is the Holy Cross Team from Taveuni, coached by Pio Garawaqa. Overcoming significant challenges and high travel costs, Pio brings his dedicated team to the Suva Marathon almost every month. Their commitment and hard work have paid off, with the team achieving remarkable success in this year’s Coca-Cola Games. They credit some of their success to the experience gained from participating in Suva Marathon events. The Holy Cross team’s journey is a testament to their perseverance and determination, making them an inspiring presence in this year’s marathon.

We also welcome two outstanding athletes from French Polynesia, Solène Hallais and Dominique Brinkfield, who will compete in the Oceania half marathon women’s division. Both have already won gold in their respective age groups for the 5km cross-country, showcasing their incredible talent and determination. Their participation adds an exciting international dimension to this year’s race

Finally, Isireli Naikelekelevesi, the current 800m Fijian national record holder and the 3000m Coca-Cola Games record holder for 30 years, will also be competing. Naikelekelevesi is passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle and encourages people of all ages to participate in the Suva Marathon this Saturday.

With these extraordinary athletes, the 2024 Suva Marathon promises to be an exhilarating event showcasing remarkable talent and spirit. Take advantage of witnessing these champions in action on Saturday, June 8th. 

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