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Ernst and Young (EY) staff want to Beat the Boss

Ernst and Young (EY) is participating in the 2016 Island Chill Suva Marathon , and have over 20 runners registered to run in 2016 Island Chill Suva Marathon on 23rd July.

The partners of the accounting firm – Steve Pickering and Sikeli Tuinamuana have set up a “Partners Challenge – Beat the Boss”. The aim of the challenge is to get staff to sign up and if they outrun the bosses, they receive an individual cash prize.

This has seen the firm sign up over 20 runners and led to positive healthy lifestyles.

Interview with Steve Pickering ~ Managing Partner ~ Ernst and Young

What do you enjoy about running?

My best time is after the run, coming home after an early morning run and realizing that I have the whole day ahead of me. It sets up me up for the whole day and sets a positive frame of mind for the day

What is your top tip for running?

Establish a small routine. Getting started is the hardest part. But once you start – it is great.

What gets you going ?

Just getting ready – that your shoes are ready, good running socks and having a glass of water before the run. Also important to set a plan. 4 months ago I couldn’t even run for one kilometer, now I can run 10km . Once you get going your body takes over and then it becomes a matter of the mind over the body. Since I started running 4 months ago, I lost 7kg, I am eating well and feel great.

Ernst and Young (EY)

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