Marathon Nutrition - Running nutrition

What to eat – Marathon Nutrition

Great video about what to think about in terms of Marathon Nutrition and what to eat when training for a Marathon. Easy to understand and no fancy ‘buy these gels’ advice, that are not available in Fiji!

We especially like that this video explains the importance of training on a glycogen depleted body. Very important for long distance runners.

Marathon Nutrition – What to eat when training for a Marathon

Nutrition is critical while training for a marathon or half marathon.

Marathon Nutrition - Running nutrition
Marathon Nutrition – Running nutrition

There are several key elements of nutrition it’s important to consider to maintain performance on your Marathon.

For endurance training, your calorie intake should reflect the total volume of training, which is known as ‘periodising’ the training diet. Your plan should typically be divided into three, depending on the volume of training on that day.


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