What do we eat and drink for a race? – Half Marathon – Jon O

Here’s what our  most experienced runner Jon O, does for his half marathon.

Suva Marathon Club member – Jon O

Jon O has been running long distance races worldwide for decades. Jon was the Club President for 2 years as we ramped up to the major race we now are (thanks Jon!), and has been very active in the Hash House Harriers worldwide and in Fiji.

Jon has run (a very impressive):

  • 60+ half marathons times from 1hr 23 to 2hr 10
  • 40+ marathons, times from 2hr 54 to 5hr 00
  • 10 ultra marathons (53km to 90km) times from 4hr 30 to 12hr 24

Half marathon Pre race

I eat no special pre race meal on the morning. My normal last meal is supper the night before a 6am start.

Drink a few mouthfuls of water after waking up but otherwise I don’t drink before the race to avoid having to stop and lose time.

Half marathon During race

For a half marathon I don’t eat food or gels during the race at all.

I drink Coke (mostly) and water during the race.

Drink only at support tables so usually about 5 times during the event. ±100ml coke with a couple of mouthfuls of water afterwards to wash away the sweet taste.

Usually drink about 600 – 700ml per hour. Only drink when slightly thirsty.

Half marathon After race

Drink sufficient water (or beer LOL 🙂 ) in the hour or so after the race to ensure clear urine within a few hours.



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