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Company heads challenge in Capital City marathon

The Island Chill Suva Marathon tomorrow will see over 1200 runners participating in the annual event in the Capital City.  Runners of all ages including professional runners — locally and abroad — will take part in this charity event run by Suva Marathon Club.

It is the talk of town, corporate bodies and even sporting teams.

Among the early birds tomorrow will be the 152 runners and walkers from the Carpenters Group representing the largest number of registered corporate runners.

“We’ve got some healthy internal competition going on between various parts of the group and Carptrac are determined to come out as the fastest finishers,” Carpenters Fiji Ltd director retail and marketing, Kuna Sabaratnam said.

He said the event had enabled staff members to challenge themselves to get out and exercise and enjoy the day.

“I didn’t think I could run 10km a few years ago, but having participated for the first time last year and walked the course I’m excited to be running it this year.

“A full and a half marathon can seem pretty daunting — so the team event is really to encourage everyone to get involved and walk or run a marathon together. The four runners in a team, each member run a quarter marathon and they can then compare their collective marathon time with some of the individual runners,” said Marita Manley, Suva Marathon Club secretary.

A quarter marathon (10.55km) is still a significant distance for new runners so don’t forget to grab a bu and a bottle of Island Chill at the finish, she said.

“We’ve been proud to be a part of the event since 2015 and to watch the number of runners steadily increase year on year. We’re delighted to have helped to push the number of runners taking part to over 1200 this year including by encouraging our own staff to take their health and wellness seriously and enter,” added Kuna.

Originally in Fiji TImes: Company heads challenge in Capital City marathon
Maikeli Seru
Friday, July 21, 2017

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