About Suva Marathon Club


In early 2014, a group of ‘fairly decent’ runners living and working out of Suva pursued the idea of creating a platform to promote marathon running for Pacific islanders, as well as use it to encourage healthy living practices.

In Fiji, about 82% of deaths are caused by NCDs (2013 Statistics). This is something we’d like a hand in changing. So the idea we had became the Suva Marathon Club (SMC) and the eventual hosting of the inaugural Suva Marathon in 2014.

Our organisation’s vision is to organise a world class annual marathon in Suva to promote healthier lifestyles. Our core values focus on aiding the local community as a whole whilst striving for good health for all with passion, inclusivity, honesty, openness and integrity.

The Suva Marathon Club plays hosts to the largest road race in the Pacific, The Island Chill Suva Marathon. Boasting over 1000 participants, the annual event consists of various race categories which include: The full marathon (42.2km) The half marathon (21.2km) .

Suva Marathon Trust

The running club is a Trust formed under the Charitable Trusts Act, Cap 67 (Charitable Trusts Act). It was formed formally in 2019.


The mission of the Trust is to provide a focal point for runners in Suva and throughout Fiji who have competed in or have keen interest in Long-distance running and Road running in all its forms (“Mission”).

Charitable Purposes

To contribute to its Mission, the Trust’s charitable purposes include:

  1. To promote athletics in general and marathon running in particular in such a way that is in accordance with the rules and regulations of Athletics Fiji (AF) and the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF);
  2. To promote and organize an annual Suva Marathon event and other distance running challenges for members and the public;
  3. To assist members to enter distance events individually and collectively;
  4. To share knowledge and experience and encourage newcomers to the sport of distance running; 
  5. To assist the organisers of road marathons in Fiji by providing constructive feedback and support; 
  6. To promote marathons in Suva and throughout Fiji through the provision of an endorsement mark;
  7. To maintain a database of marathon statistics relating to members’ achievements; 

in Fiji and for the benefit of the people in Fiji (the “Purposes”).


  • Gina Houng Lee (CHAIR)
  • Lai Yee-Joy
  • Shayne Sorby
  • Stuart Gow

Management Board 2022

  • Vacant – President
  • Helen Pippard – Vice President
  • Noeline Mallam –Secretary / Club Manager
  • Nirmala Nambiar – Treasurer
  • Marita Manley – Board Member
  • Mele Marafono – Board Member
  • Beth Sargent – Board Member
  • Annie Crookes – Board Member



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