About 400 participate in 2019 Munro Leys Suva Challenge

The 2019 Munro Leys Suva Challenge attracted about 400 participants who ran, walked or laughed their way through the course.

Held since 2016, the medals were scooped by :

  • Men’s Half Marathon: Gold: Avikash Lal 1.16.05 Bronze: Raj Prasad 1:26:37 Silver: Jeven Van Duren 1:33:10
  • Women’s Half Marathon: Gold: Linda Bapsy 1:57:46 Silver: Bronwyn Wiseman 2:01:40 Bronze: Chung Hyeon Oho 2:07:46
  • Team Run: First Prize: SMC All Stars, Second: Lethal Athletics Club and Third: Blue Machine
  • Fancy Dress Awards: The Droids and The Royals

Special recognition awards was given to two deaf runners , Sanjesh Krishna and Etika Naqio alongside wheelchair participant Francis Chung who took part in the event.

Munro Leys Half Marathon April 4th 2019

Race Director, Gina Houng Lee said the Suva Marathon Club was proud to be able to host races inclusive of all.

“These participants have given us inspiration with their zeal to healthier lifestyles and the keen interest to also participate in sport professionally.

A special shout out also went to 69-year-old Shiri “Mushroom” Chand who has been running since 1970.

Munro Leys Half Marathon April 4th 2019

Ms. Houng Lee said the 2019 Munro Leys Challenge was the warm up to the July 27, 2019 Island Chill Suva Marathon and participants wanting to register can do so at suvamarathon.org

“ We are very excited as the objective is two fold. One is to promote healthy lifestyles through running and keeping it inclusive as possible and the other is to encourage the serious runners and athletes with improving their times and commitment to long distance running,”

“Being active contributes happier and healthier lives.” she said.

For more information: Josephine Prasad +679 9922098

Photos are courtesy of Mr Grahame Stageman.

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