12 Creative Workouts

12 creative workouts to mix up your training from Strava

Get new ideas to keep your running fresh, fun and fast. Try a workout from pro runner Lauren Fleshman, each designed to spice up your weekly routine.

12 Creative Workouts from Strava

The Powerstation

Hill sprints are a lower impact way to practice speed work than track sprints, and it basically counts as a bonus weight lifting session due to the amount of power you have to produce!


The Switchblade

Straight-up tempo runs, while sometimes necessary, are super boring and suck out my will to live. This approach is way more fun.

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The Moneghetti

This is the most fun workout I’ve done that helps you practice running quicker paces while training your body to recover actively in a short period of time.

The Kenyan Progression

Do this workout correctly and you’ll get a big boost of workout confidence with low injury risk. It’s especially fun to do in a pack, feeding off one another’s energy.


Flyer 800s

This is my signature take on an old classic workout. In a way it is the little sister of hard mile repeats, breaking the miles into bite-sized sets of 800’s.


This is a workout you have to do with a friend. This workout can bring people closer together, or require some group therapy after, hence the name.


The Taylor Swift

Here’s some speed endurance work that will require you to mentally Shake it Off between reps in order to ace it. Head to the local track and give this pop star a try!


The Rowland Tempo

Working the zones slightly below, at, and above our tempo pace boosts our threshold for clearing lactic acid, which means faster running with less discomfort.


The Ice Cream Sandwich

It’s the perfect mixture of strength and speed. The tempo’s aren’t long enough to get bored. The pickups are just enough to make you feel like a badass without getting destroyed.


The #BlazinRaisin

This workout is an awesome tie between it being only 12 minutes worth of hard work, and it making you into an indestructible superhero.



This workout makes an average run way more fun, and is sure to bring out some hidden talents among your running friends, if not in speed, then in post workout banter.



Head to your local track and get pumped because you’re about to lay the smack down. This workout will get you ready for anything.

12 Creative Workouts from Strava

12 Creative Workouts
12 Creative Workouts
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